I love driving while raining – as long as it is not a heavy downpour kind.

It is such a great escape for me, makes me reflective and introspective about a ton of thoughts of my past/present/future and the issues that I might be deal with.

Drove towards unknow destination with the music turned up.  Sad song played when i felt so tired, sad, or dissapointed. With the tear dropped i yelled to my stupid mistake that i ever did, but it was fine. I felt it was a good way to shut myself in and let it out without worrying about anyone hearing and judging me.

When i had a good mood, i played the high rhyme energy music, sang along while driving, and swish-swash of wipers looked like they dance for me, haha…

If rain has over, i stopped my car then go outside or opened the window and try to inhaled the smell of air right after rains. Ya…it was an unforgettable feeling and smell, and it was like the rain has touched upon every single emotion i have as well as all of my senses.

I always feel better, more relaxed and calm after did it.

PS: keep safe while driving in the rain 😉Image