Inevitably, winter affects us physically and emotionally. It gives the feeling like dark, cold, tired, hungry, even sad.

Yet, I like it. I am very much enjoying it, the weather and the feeling. I find my self more interested to look outside  the window in the class when snow is falling rather than to put attention to the lecturer. I am also very excited to open the window’s curtain every morning I woke just to watch the reflection of the sunrise is sparkling out from the ice layer of the trees or grass.

And my the best moment tetep: when I am walking under a snowfall pas pulang kuliah sambil dengerin playlist ini:

1. A1 – Caught in the Middle

2. Blue – Breathe Easy 

3. M2M – The Day You Went Away 

4. James Blunt – You’re Beautiful 

5. Blue Scholars – Coffee and Snow 

6. Taylor Swift – Back to December

7. Owl City – Vanilla Twilight

Freezing sunday morning at my room on Bristol Road 182A – Birmingham UK, 8 February 2015