Nonton video ini jadi inget oang2 nyiyir.

I know what it feels when people judge you like, are you lazy to clean your face? are you touch that pimple so it is getting worse? Or like, ooo no wonder your face like this since everyday you eat that spicy chicken! Nyinyir.

They don’t know anything. They don’t know how you wash your face regularly, even in the sleepy and tired night when you’ve just get home you still can have energy to clean your face gently. They don’t know how much money you’ve spent for the doctors, clinics, skin experts hoping you can get rid of it but always end up with nothing. They don’t know how much you really care of what you eat, avoid dust, or sun exposure everywhere you go. Repot kan?

Do you know what, having even a very tiny pimple is hurt. In the early stage, it is itchy. But once it gets bigger or swelling, it is very painful, nyut2 sampe kepala! See, painful!

Tapi can’t be more painful dengerin judgement as I mentioned in the first paragraph dari orang2 nyiyir yg gk pernah punya masalah jerawat. Plus bila mereka tetiba bilang like, euhhh that skin products are harmful, not natural, contain chemicals, I don’t use that! But hey, medicines are chemicals, gue butuh obat, lo kagak.

Atau if I don’t put any make up on even bedak or sunscreen pas keluar rumah, they must be like, seriously, cewek kok gk dandan? Please, this is my way to keep my skin healthy, I prefer to live healthy than to look pretty, cz kalian gk tau setitik bedak paling mahal pun gk cocok sama kulitku.

By the way, I would be more appreciate suggestion from people who listen to me first to know what exactly my problem was before kasih komen, atau orang yg have similar experience. Bukan yang tetiba judging padahal gk pernah mengalaminya.

Semoga orang2 nyiyir itu dijauhkan dari masalah jerawat, karena mereka pasti gk bakal sanggup menghadapinya.

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